HÖRMANN offers more than just sirens!

Control Centre Technology

For the control and monitoring of siren systems HÖRMANN GmbH offers control panels ranging from LCD displays and foil keypads through to PC-based control centres with map-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs). 
A reliable and effective operation of your siren warning system is not entirely ensured just by using optimal high-performance terminal devices, but the system must also be perfectly integrated into larger communication structures and operating concepts.
We provide a wide range of control center technologies scalable to meet the requirements of every warning system.
HÖRMANN GmbH has also developed the MCE - Management Control Equipment: The MCE is the core of a siren warning system. It is the network node that monitors and controls the management of all data and communications. The MCE is the central front-end interface between the siren communication network, the operator and monitoring units such as PCs or control panels.


Everything at a Glance - CCCS Operating Software

The CCCS operating software has been designed by HÖRMANN GmbH specifically for siren systems and has been optimised over the years in close cooperation with our customers.
The CCCS-software runs in a PC-based siren network and acts as the interface between the sirens and the operators.

Secured by passwords and key operated switches, the siren system can thus be monitored or, in case of emergency, immediately activated by different user groups with varied levels of authorisation (siren monitoring, activation and administration).

CCCS properties and features include:

User Interface

  • GIS-mapping menu
  • Access to system functions via buttons with pictograms and text
  • Flat menu navigation
  • No blocking dialogues and windows
  • "System guides operator"-strategy
  • Supports all languages – NLS (Native Language Support)
  • Integrated online support


Map features

  • Supports vector-based and raster-based maps
  • Fast response times (<2 seconds), independent of zoom level
  • Zoom (fixed and free) and pan functions
  • Ad-hoc selection and grouping of sirens on the map via "click and draw"
  • Drawing of predefined figures on the map
  • Additional selection of single sirens, pre-defined groups, all via lists



  • Siren activation
  • Activation of pre-recorded voice announcements
  • Voice/text announcements – pre-recorded text messages and/or live voice messages via microphone



  • Status monitoring of sirens and control centre via superimposed colour-coded map icons
  • Colour coding according to system status
  • Direct access to status information and status history via icons
  • Clear summary view of coverage areas via "area icons"
  • Up-/downloading of technical siren parameters and control centre equipment
  • Freely definable periodic time intervals for specific operations


Report Functions

  • Detailed user-defined process and report functions  
  • Information is shown in tables or charts 
  • System status and history
  • System administration
  • Alarm statistics, incl. system-specific evaluation
  • Analysis and indication of malfunctions

RCS Control Panel with touch screen

The control panel, as a local or remote operating panel of the MCE, is the ideal solution for small-scale systems in industrial environments. In the case of PC-based systems, the control panel assumes the function of a backup device or alternative operating panel.

All operation system functions are available on the touch panel via transparent intuitive menus.

A version RCS-M with an integrated microphone is available for systems with live PA announcement.

  • Panel with resistive touch screen
  • Backlighting with auto shut-off
  • Display with protective foil plate suitable for extreme ambient conditions
  • customized Icons with Siren-Names / Alarmsignals / Messages
  • Password protection
  • coloured icons (green, yellow, red) for status indication
  • Key switch for alarm activation
  • 12VDC/230VAC power supply, UPS (12VDC) through MCE
  • Interfacing to MCE via RS232
  • RCS-M, including microphone, dynamic compressor and push-to-talk button

Management Control Equipment

MCE - Connectivity

The MCE provides the possibility for multiple connections. In addition to a number of control panels and/or PC-based panels, the MCE also allows for an integration of external control centres into the warning system.



The MCE offers all of the features that are required for secure communication within medium and large-sized siren warning systems or siren systems with networked control centres. The modular MCE interface concept offers a wide range of integration options and supports reliable communications over various ranges.


  • 19" display technology
  • Front panel connections (pivot-frame suspension not required) 
  • Operation with external and internal UPS
  • Embedded industrial PC 
  • Flexible interfaces (RS232, leased line, PSTN, GSM/GPRS, TCP/IP, etc.) 
  • Free, flexible digital I/O 
  • Scalable hardware structure
  • No moving parts, like fans or hard disks
  • Redundant radio communications, SWR standing wave ratio measuring and RSSI field strength measuring (RSSI); allows automatic switching
  • QNX® RTOS real-time, multi-tasking operating system
  • Modular software architecture allows for easy customisation to match customer-specific needs